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Strength Training

becoming strong and healthy involves much more than big muscles.  People need to learn coordination, and form to avoid injuries.  Having a personal trainer also helps with developing long term discipline that eventually does lead to strong muscles.  I offer a complete weight lifting program for the whole body.  I help with friendly motivation that fits your lifestyle.  

Hiking Adventure

Hiking adventure: Outdoor exercise of all kinds has been shown to increase overall health.  The combination of sunlight and setting goals motivates people towards peak health.  

We will teach the skills needed for outdoor hiking, backpacking and mountain climbing.

Swimming for Sports and Healing

Swimming lessons: Great for the person who wants to feel comfortable in the water.  More advanced swimmers and people preparing for triathlon season will also appreciate private or small group lessons. I offer both indoor and outdoor deep pond swimming.  

Benefits of swimming: The low impact, endurance and strength gains of swimming are great for cross training with other workouts. Many people who need to recover from illness or injury recover faster in the water environment.


Technique: Swimming is a form-based sport where even the slightest problems in form can create drag that will fatigue the swimmer. We will work on stroke technique in an organized way.  My method emphasizes a highly efficient head down stroke that coordinates forward motion with a streamlined glide.

Learn from an expert with 17 years experience teaching swimming to all levels at the YMCA.

Skills include:  freestyle (crawl) stroke technique for better breathing control, back stroke, and treading water.

Fear in the water: Most swimming classes put all of there emphasis on mastering the stroke, leaving out the basics of comfort and coordination in the water.  Even seasoned triathletes can find themselves intimidated by waves and deep water. By slowly developing balance and relaxation skills, anybody can become a confident swimmer even in deep water.

Triathlons can be particularly difficult because of waves, crowded swimming and deep water at long distances. We will work on techniques to handle the mind/body stress of competition. By recreating the scene on race day, we will help racers master the open water course. 

Perfect for beginners and professional athletes.

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