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Big Pharma/FDA corruption.

An interesting study in Science Magazine shows the corrupt nature of the relationship between the US Food and Drug Administration and giant pharmaceutical companies. This study shows how big pharma pays off doctors and scientists to get drug approval. The article highlights the anti depression drug Seroquel that has been linked to sudden cardiac death when taken with other drugs.

Some of the doctors that approved Seroquel for wide use were given hundreds of thousands of dollars by AstraZeneca, the pharmaceutical company that developed the drug. Or more recently, the opioid epidemic shows what happens when doctors over prescribe drugs that are potentially harmful or deadly.

While our culture is obsessed with the next pill or high tech procedure, there are ways to fight pain and disease that involve none of this. For many, the first line of treatment should be trying a different diet or simple intermittent fasting. Also, the right kind of exercise is often much better then a drug. We need to be scientific and not blinded by money interests.

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