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Personal Training that Cares:

I believe personal needs come first.  For many, that means starting off slow and working towards a life of strength and vitality.  This includes outdoor exercise and adventure.


If weight loss is an issue, we will address it together with a plan for the long term. 

At the same time, we will focus on a low-intensity strengthening program for the entire body. These classes are perfect for older adults, people just starting an exercise program, or returning to exercise. 

You will love this program.  It will change your life. 


Geoffrey Halverson PTA, ACSM

I Make Fitness Fun....

I have 10 years experience in rehabilitation therapy (licenced physical therapist assistant, PTA) and I am an ACSM certified personal trainer. I have specialized in working with older people. I believe in making exercise fun and enjoyable.

  • Low-intensity individualized classes

  • Stretch and strengthen the entire body

  • Perfect for older students

  • Nutrition and weight loss program

At the YMCA and Genesis Rehab I have developed programs for the mind, body, balance and strength.  I find that healthy, strong people have a better social life and are more likely to engage the world in creative ways.

Along with personal training I also offer a free nutrition program. Please feel free to ask about this program.

Contact me; I'd love to hear from you

Running Machine

Cardio Fitness

Flexibility Training

Muscle Building

Outdoor adventure

Every day is another chance to get stronger, eat better, and live a healthy life. 

G" I have been taking training sessions from Geoff for 2 years.  I'm very pleased and I plan on continuing with him.  He is very sincere, punctual and responsive to your needs. I am very satisfied with his work." Dr. M Greene (Professional in the Boston area) 



......I'm a grandmother. 75 years old.  There's heart disease in my family.  My doctor had me on all kinds of medications.  Working with Geoff and others in the low carb community I am doing much better. I lost 30 pounds. I am off all the medications and I feel great.  I had leg pains and they are gone.  I fell several times and now I don't fall.  Thanks so Much!"  -  Julie Moore 

Geoff you are a wonderful physical therapist. You are conscientious, knowledgeable, and fabulous at distracting older patients while getting them to exercise (my mother in law!). You have made a world of difference in her. Dr. Frank O. Clark

CONTACT ME  call or text:  617 501-6217


23 Hutchinson St. Cambridge MA., 02138

70 Webster St. Worcester MA 01603

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